New Features and More Trivia!

Trivia question cycling:

-The game now cycles through every trivia question, remembering which you have already encountered between games. This should reduce repeats.

Other features and improvements:
-Added support for mobile. A mobile port is on the way!
-Updated to a more recent version of Unity, paving the way for more features and optimisation
-Added option to disable Post Processing (vignette and bloom) which may slow down some machines.
-To streamline the UI, the "Click to find Remaining Countries" button now replaces the "Select a highlighted country" prompt when only a few countries remain. -The "Find Next Mission Country" button has been replaced with a toggle that highlights the required countries
-Windows icon has been updated
-The Mission panel has been visually cleaned up. "Click to find next country" button has been renamed to "Find".
-When you click "Find" in the mission panel, the required countries will stay highlighted.
-Added a loading screen when beginning a game

-Added 30 new dino questions, one for each country in Asia-Pacific!
-An America trivia question about Costa Rica was under the wrong continent and has been fixed.
-Why was the word "llamas" capitalized in a trivia question? We'll never know because it's fixed now.
-Simplified a question about Jamaica
-Simplified a question about Uzbekistan

-Fixed a bug that was hiding the mouseover box behind some icons

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Mar 29, 2020

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