Practice Mode, New Trivia, and More Added in Patch 1.2

Ahead of the Android and iOS release I've squeezed in some nice new features, such as a practice mode and a rework of the Ask the Army system. The price of the game has been dropped by around 33% for most regions.

-Added a practice mode!
-Ask The Army has been reworked. Instead of a multichoice question, it is now a random 50/50 roll to conquer the country. You can now use Ask the Army on Dino-conquered countries and countries you've already visited

-Labels have been further improved for readability and neatness
-Country border colours have been changed to make them a little more visible
-The basic white triangle on the UI has been improved with a nice chevron icon
-It is now slightly easier to get medals in the West-Central Asia mode, and slightly harder for Africa (due to size imbalance).
-Added shadows to the flags options in flag mode
-Made it slightly easier to see the required Mission countries when they're highlighted with the "Find" button
-Improved the look of the menu buttons
-Settings menu has be cleaned up somewhat

-20 new general trivia questions have been added
-The Oman Dino question has been changed, the old one was unclear
-Simplified a question about the Dead Sea
-Fixed a question about Laos which had an incorrect follow-up comment

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Aug 06, 2020

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